Haadith: *The hearts are naturally inclined to fall in love with those who do good to them.*

  • When you learn about the beauty of the inward and outward of the Prophet ﷺ it causes your heart to incline towards him; same with when you learn about his Ihsan (doing what is beautiful) your heart naturally inclines toward those who do good to you.
  • Prophet ﷺ has done more for us than anyone including our parents who can only secure your worldly life and we have to show gratitude for that but Prophet’s ﷺ Ihsan is much much greater than that. He has secured for us eternal life if we believe in him.
  • It is a condition of Iman to love the Prophet ﷺ and a condition of perfection in Iman to love him more than yourself.
    • Abu Naeem reports that one of the Tabaiyeen said to Umar (RA) ‘I would’ve loved that I had seen the messenger of Allah, Prophet ﷺ’ . Umar (RA) asked him ‘what would you have done if you had seen him?’. He said ‘I would have believed in him and kissed his forehead out of love of him’. Umar (RA) said ‘do you want me to give you some good news?….he said ‘yes’. Umar (RA) then told him ‘ I heard the Prophet ﷺ say ‘my love does not permeate the heart of anyone until Allah prohibits the Fire from touching his body’’.
    • The fact that the love of Prophet ﷺ is flowing in your veins…for some people the mention of their beloved causes them to sweat so it is love on the physiological and cellular level….if you love the Prophet  ﷺ at that level the fires of Hell can’t touch you.
    • Love of the Prophet ﷺ is one of the greatest reasons for success in the hereafter.
  • Whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger ﷺ out of love achieves success. You only obey someone willingly if you love them. Conditional sentence in the Quran:’… If you love Allah then follow me’ (Messenger ﷺ)
    • Ibn Hamdun said the secret of that ayah is that it is not important that you love Allah, it is that Allah loves you. There are Jews and Christians who love Allah but the most beloved to Allah will be those who follow His commands

Abu Hasan’s Dua : Allahumma ja’al sayiaati sayiaatal mahboobi la daik wala tajal hasanaati hasanaatal maghboodi la daik. O Allah, make my wrong actions the actions of someone you love and don’t make my good actions the actions of someone you hate.

– Love & hate of Allah is not the same as ours….for Him they are not petulant emotional states that human beings go through. His love is related to HIs rida’a (contentment) with our good actions and His hatred is His displeasure with and rejection of our bad actions.