A truly inspiring talk I heard during Ramadan of this year.  


  • If you are the type of person that says ‘I have a pure heart’ then that is a major sign that your heart is not pure and you feel the need to make that statement to cover up wrongful actions and insecurities.
  • The pure heart God refers to is the one which is free of all impurities and only such heart is the one filled with love of Allah SWT
  • Prophet PBUH says other kinds of hearts are
    • Heart of disbeliever is the one wrapped in a cloth…he conceals what he knows to be the truth
    • Heart of a hypocrite is the one that is upside down
    • Heart that adapts to its environment…either from imaan or hypocrisy.
  • Don’t gamble with your eternity. You’ll be raised up in the state you died in so if you died in a moment of weakness and hypocrisy then that is how you will face Akhira.
  • A battle-tested heart is more beloved to Allah than a heart that has not been tested
    • Allah SWT says these hearts have been tested for Taqwa
  • What is Qalb ul Salim and what is Taqwa?
  • Remember that just as good deeds wipe out bad deeds, bad deeds can wipe out good deeds. So with this math you could end up at the conclusion of the day with a score of 0
  • In ramadan should the priority be to ask forgiveness from Allah SWT or should you glorify Allah SWT?
    • Imam Sufiyan said if you have a big stain on you clothing then the priority is to wash that stain rather than to accessorize your clothing in an effort to divert attention from the stain.
  • According to Haadith Qudsi, Allah SWT says all actions of son of Adam are for him except fasting which is for Me because during it he gives up his lowly desires out of love for Me.
    • Ramadan then is to purify yourself of your ‘stains’ as much as it is about doing Ibadaa
    • Prophet PBUH says if a person does not leave foul speech during ramadan then Allah has no use from him fasting from food and drink. If you are not gonna give up lying and harsh speech all year then what is the point of fasting in ramadan.
  • If we truly love Allah then we should attach our hearts to Him by doing what He loves
    • If you truly love Allah then follow the Sunnah. Love Allah the way He wants to be loved. Don’t do extra nawafil while missing your fardh prayers…there is reward there but when you ignore the fundamentals and perform the extra acts then that creates an imbalance.
  • When you excel in a good deed is it to please Allah SWT or is it for your own satisfaction? It is one thing to do good deeds but to truly purify your heart you have to give up bad deeds
  • As far as good deeds are concerned, both a transgressor and the one obedient to ALlah can do good deeds but bad deeds are truly abandoned only by the one who is truthful. The motive for not doing a good deed is laziness but the motive for not doing a bad deed is because you are not willing to give up a desire for the sake of Allah SWT. Your heart is attracted and engulfed by something other than the love of Allah SWT
    • When a heart is engulfed by Allah’s love then it will not allow you to do something that displeases Him.
  • A person can reach the point where his heart becomes so distracted by doing good deeds without giving up the bad that he starts rationalizing his bad deeds. Rationalizing a smaller sin is greater transgression in Allah’s sight than committing a major sin. It is human to make mistakes but it is satanic to rationalize them. Not only are you not ridding yourself of an impurity you fail to recognize it as an impurity
  • Allah tells us of three hearts in the Quran
    • Healthy hearts – free of all impurities
    • Diseased hearts – these are stained with each bad deed
    • Dead hearts – they don’t even feel like they need help
  • Prophet PBUH said ‘ there are certain days when Allah sends to us breezes of mercy so present yourself to those gifts of mercy; a person who is touched by such a breeze will never find himself in a wretched situation’….peak time of these breezes is Ramadan.
  • You fail to plan, you plan to fail
  • The person who is not willing to submit their heart will never submit their intellect. The only way these people justify their actions is by finding fault with the message.
  • S.Haadid A.16 : Has not the Time arrived for the Believers that their hearts in all humility should engage in the remembrance of Allah and of the Truth which has been revealed (to them), and that they should not become like those to whom was given Revelation aforetime, but long ages passed over them and their hearts grew hard? For many among them are rebellious transgressors.
  • Position yourself for success and one of those breezes will touch you.
  • You nourish your body too much, Ramadan is the time to nourish your soul
  • Certainty is not overruled by doubt
  • Are you putting forth a sound heart for Allah SWT?