Poem by Ibn Juzayy al-Kalbi



I desired to praise the Chosen One and was hindered


By my own inability to grasp the extent of his glory.


How can one such as I measure an ocean, when the ocean is vast?


And how can one such as I count the stones and the stars?


If all of my limbs were to become tongues, even then –


Even then I could not begin to praise him as I desired.


And if all of creation gathered together in an attempt


To praise him, even then they would stint in his due.


I have altogether ceased trying – awestruck, clinging to courtesy,


Tempered by timidity, glorifying his most exalted rank.


Indeed, sometimes silence holds within it the essence of eloquence,


And often speech merely fodder for the faultfinder.



~ Chivalry ~



Muhammad ibn Imran at-Taymee once said: “There is nothing harder on me to maintain than المروءة “chivalry”. “And what is chivalry”? He was asked. He replied: “Chivalry is when you never do anything in secret that you are ashamed of in public.” 
Now that is really hard.
“Ya Allah! Forgive us our sins, the public and secret ones.”

Tafseer of Surah Rahman By Nouman Ali Khan


  • Ar Rahim – someone who is always merciful, Ar Rahman – someone who is being merciful currently and immediately.
  • Ayahs split in the beginning so we stop and contemplate the meaning of Ar Rahman before we move on. How is Allah being merciful to me immediately? health, shelter, family, friends…list goes on…have i deserved it? or did He give it to me even though I don’t deserve it?
  • His biggest mercy is that He taught us how to read Quran. Teaching is to repeat and Although we had the best possible teacher in the form of Prophet PBUH, it took 23 years
  • When you say ‘i taught…’ there are two questions – whom? and what?
    • Allah says ‘I taught the Quran’ but He doesn’t say to whom? meaning it is open to ANYONE who wants to learn. Applications are being taken 24/7. Start with a drop and Allah will make it rain
  • We take pride in the institutions of teaching so Allah is saying when you become His student..what else can you want? Allah says the best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others…because? this teaching goes back to Prophet PBUH –> Jibril (AS) –> Allah SWT
  • Quran – something that flows, something that is recited a lot
    • Quran means to read. The ultimate purpose of Allah teaching us to read is so we can read the Quran. Quran is READING ITSELF..it is reading personified
      • Chronologically we were created then He taught us the Quran but He says I taught you Quran first and then He talks of creation of man. This was more merciful than even His creating us. It is the sole PURPOSE of our creation
    • Quran is reminder
      • Ins – someone who has and needs a lot of compassion. Allah says I gave this book to Ins. It is a book that teaches how to show compassion and how to gain it.
  • He taught THE Quran & He taught him speech
    • We are only told what He taught (Quran) but speech (what) is taught to man (whom) only…not Arabic but speech itself. We respect the Quran because its from God. He says SPEECH is from Him so we need to respect all its forms (languages)
    • Respect your own speech…the spoken and the printed/type. Arabs say ‘every container only gives out what it contains’
    • avoid not just filthy words and jokes but mean language too. Why say something you don’t mean?
  • Purpose of Ayaat is to remind us of Allah. There are two kinds of Ayaat
    • the ones in the Quran
    • all of creation – these are all around us.
  • A.5 – Sun & Moon
    • Sun and moon are committed to a certain calculation…it is so precise that all of creation depends on it
    • Allah as a manufacturer – His signature style is organization, harmony, balance and discipline which is what He expects from us.
      • ‘husbaan’  destruction that comes at a precise time. Sun and moon are scheduled to be destroyed…get your act together.
      • Quran is one of the last major events before the Day of Judgment so it is near
  • A.6 – trees and stars going into sajda…at that time Allah will no longer want our sajdas
    • Arab landscape – one tree in the middle of desert is beautiful
    • A tree goes into sajda when it bears fruit so when you are blessed make sure you humble yourself in front of Allah
  • A.7 – He raised the Heavens to keep it all balanced. On the day of Judgment it will all come down. Sync yourself with the rest of creation…be balanced
    • The scale of Heavens and Earth sign to shopkeeper, syncing your watch to that of the clock tower
    • We are supposed to be Ummah of balance. Balance between home, health, work and community.
  • Allah didn’t have to beautify our food…make is smell and taste good. Not only did He make is taste and smell good He gift wrapped it for us. A paper gift wrap harms the earth but to throw Allah’s gift wrap away feeds the earth.
    • Extravagance is marked by date trees.
  • He made fields of grain…farmlands
    • At harvest time the fields are perfumed
    • We plagiarize Allah’s design – flowers on rugs and clothes, perfumes based on flower scents
  • Then how many (alaa’ ) favors, wonders, miracles, gifts of your Lord will you twodeny?…how much more ungrateful can you be?
    • Two? man and ‘it’ – it always says ‘whatever’…they only derive pleasure from making fun of others…TEENAGERS
      • If you are constantly complaining then you don’t have time to be really grateful. We are creating a culture of mini Pharaohs – self indulged. How to turn around those that don’t care?
      • On the other hand there is no greater force than a dedicated religious teenager
      • Stop complaining and make something happen. Be grateful for what you have.
      • Those ungrateful basically never really took the opportunity to look around to see what they should be grateful for.
    • Allah says who are you to be proud anyway? I made you from dry dirt.
      • Dry dirt – nothing grows in it and it falls apart at touch…thats our reality
      • ungratefulness is directly associated to arrogance…you think you deserve what you have not that you’ve been blessed.
    • Allah created Jinn from the invisible part of the flame..ma’arij
      • He didn’t mention them before but refers to them in ‘two of you’…why?
        • to remind them just because they are invisible doesn’t mean they are above man…arrogance of Iblees
        • the visible and the invisible
  • Master of two easts and two wests –
    • two tips of the horizon are two easts or wests
    • over the course of the year sun moves a bit to another direction then moves back so there are two easts and two wests.
  • Two bodies of water come and crash into each other, between them is a barrier they will not rebel against it
    • Katrina, Ike – the damage water can cause
    • These great forces can be leashed by Allah and you think you can do whatever you want?
    • Allah could’ve put a leash on us to keep us from going to haram but He didn’t
    • two sides mash into each other in battle
  • The clashes of water happen at the surface yet in the depths of both the preals are untouched.
    • nations at war with each other but within are people of Imaan who will be untouched from all the turmoil
  • Sailing ships – mountains in the sea
    • such big things He allows to float but a small thing like a pearl He can let sink
    • He owns those ships alone. When a ship is at the dock it is under man’s control but once it leaves the dock they say ‘Godspeed’ …strongest of disbelievers say it is in God’s hands now
    • Turbulence in the plane…people start praying…once it is over they go back to whatever they were going before.
  • Human beings are created in a way that we are meant to end
    • on the Day of Judgment He will recreate us in a way so that we’ll live for eternity
    • we try to make things last. does it work? no it constantly needs repairs
  • The only thing that will remain is our Lord
    • nobility and glory
    • You glorify something when you think grand of someone. Can you be by yourself and be glorified? same with nobility. People glorify you. People think you noble
    • Allah doesn’t need others to be glorified and noble…He will be always even after we are gone from this world
    • why does He need us to praise Him? He doesn’t need it..we are the beneficiaries in this deal
  • Everyone turns to Allah for their needs – believer and disbeliever
    • disbeliever says Allah has so many things to worry about my small slip ups won’t get noticed by Him…
    • this is what is addressed in this ayah …We will make time for you
  • Conversation about the Day – we’ll think yeah we should’ve avoided sin and repented but it’ll be two late
    • Gathering of Jinns and people
      • a criminal before his judgment will try to run..where cops say freeze. Allah will say go ahead and run…because where will the criminal run and hide; Allah owns it all
    • When the entire sky is ripped open and its red
  • State of the criminal – ‘he will be recognized by the look on his face’
    • even before the judgment has started
    • Carried by head and feet like an animal….beginning of the surah…if you act like an animal, turning blind eye on His signs then on the Day of Judgment you will be treated like one
    • Carrot and stick – positive (heaven) and negative (hell) reinforcement are a mercy. Allah warning us with Hell is a mercy because without it we wouldn’t be motivated to avoid sin
  • Not being grateful is a crime and the punishment of this crime is Hellfire.
  • He scares us and says whoever got scared (of hellfire and of standing in front of Allah for judgment) will get two jannahs
    • one for doing good things and the other for leaving bad things. when you do both you are truly afraid of Allah
    • one for men and the other for jinns
  • Tour of Jannah
    • long walkways lined with trees that have loong branches…you can’t see past what is around the corner
      • Beauty of nature is to make us wonder what the beauty of Jannah is going to be like
    • 2 Waterfalls
      • vacation in Jannah will be a lot different than the one on earth
    • Fruits – two versions of each
    • leaning back on cushions lined with silk
      • Jannah is authentic inside and out while on earth the outside is expansive and inside is fake an cheap
    • Beautiful spouses in Heaven
      • why women? me are bombarded with images they have to save themselves from
        • qualities of these women – that lower their gaze, the shyness she has towards her spouse becomes eternal.
        • untouched
        • as though they are rubies and pearls – never lose their value
      • whats for women? women are less emotionally blind than men
        • Allah tells us ‘for men the desire of women was beautified’

*Surah 41*  Reward for women in Paradise – part of the eloquence of Quran is that if something is so great, the only way to describe is to not say anything at all

  • the compensation of excellence can’t be less of excellent – besides those gardens are other two gardens
    • premium package
    • driveway of trees – so green that no light gets through
    • 2 waterfalls – overflowing
    • fruit – the kinds that make you smile & dates & pomegranate
      • original sabiqun are the sahaba (every generation has its own) who were arab so Allah spoke specifically of dates and pomegranates
    • spouses – that are good through and through. exactly how you want them. waiting in the tents (speaking to arabs) for their spouse

we have to fix our marriages to fix our community*

    • green cushions – imported and beautiful
      • abqari’ – arabs would say this is from the land of the jinn
      • don’t decorate where you are not going to be for long
  • How full of power to increase goodness this name is…Ar Rahman
    • takes us back to the beginning. using it before every action (bismillah) increases the goodness of that act


*memorize Surah Rahman

Rumi (Part 1)



~ If in thirst you drink water from a cup, you see God in it. Those who are not in love with God will see only their own faces in it.

In truth everything and everyone

Is a shadow of the the Beloved

and our seeking is His seeking

and our words are His words…

We search for Him here and there,

while looking right at Him.

Sitting by His side, we ask;

“O Beloved, where is the Beloved?”

~ God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches you by means of opposites, so that you will have two wings to fly – not one.

~ Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you

~ No mirror ever became iron again; no bread ever became wheat; no ripened grape ever became sour fruit. Mature yourself and be secure from a change for the worse. Become the light.

~Only from the heart can you touch the sky.

~ Patience is the key to joy.

~Since in order to speak, one must listen, learn to speak by listening.

~ Everyone is afraid of Death, but the real sufis just laugh: nothing tyrannizes their hearts. What strikes the oyster shell does not damage the pearl.

~ There is candle in your heart, ready to be kindled. There is void in your soul, ready to be filled. You feel it, don’t you?

~ That which is false troubles the heart, but the truth brings joyous tranquility.

~ The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart.

~ To praise is to praise how one surrenders to the emptiness.

~ You think the shadow is the substance.

~ I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reason, knocking on a door. It opens. I’ve been knocking from the inside.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing

and rightdoing there is a field

I’ll meet you there

when the soul lies down in the grass

the world is too full to talk

Hamza Yusuf – Love of Allah and His Messenger Prophet Mohammad ﷺ


 Haadith: *The hearts are naturally inclined to fall in love with those who do good to them.*

  • When you learn about the beauty of the inward and outward of the Prophet ﷺ it causes your heart to incline towards him; same with when you learn about his Ihsan (doing what is beautiful) your heart naturally inclines toward those who do good to you.
  • Prophet ﷺ has done more for us than anyone including our parents who can only secure your worldly life and we have to show gratitude for that but Prophet’s ﷺ Ihsan is much much greater than that. He has secured for us eternal life if we believe in him.
  • It is a condition of Iman to love the Prophet ﷺ and a condition of perfection in Iman to love him more than yourself.
    • Abu Naeem reports that one of the Tabaiyeen said to Umar (RA) ‘I would’ve loved that I had seen the messenger of Allah, Prophet ﷺ’ . Umar (RA) asked him ‘what would you have done if you had seen him?’. He said ‘I would have believed in him and kissed his forehead out of love of him’. Umar (RA) said ‘do you want me to give you some good news?….he said ‘yes’. Umar (RA) then told him ‘ I heard the Prophet ﷺ say ‘my love does not permeate the heart of anyone until Allah prohibits the Fire from touching his body’’.
    • The fact that the love of Prophet ﷺ is flowing in your veins…for some people the mention of their beloved causes them to sweat so it is love on the physiological and cellular level….if you love the Prophet  ﷺ at that level the fires of Hell can’t touch you.
    • Love of the Prophet ﷺ is one of the greatest reasons for success in the hereafter.
  • Whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger ﷺ out of love achieves success. You only obey someone willingly if you love them. Conditional sentence in the Quran:’… If you love Allah then follow me’ (Messenger ﷺ)
    • Ibn Hamdun said the secret of that ayah is that it is not important that you love Allah, it is that Allah loves you. There are Jews and Christians who love Allah but the most beloved to Allah will be those who follow His commands

Abu Hasan’s Dua : Allahumma ja’al sayiaati sayiaatal mahboobi la daik wala tajal hasanaati hasanaatal maghboodi la daik. O Allah, make my wrong actions the actions of someone you love and don’t make my good actions the actions of someone you hate.

– Love & hate of Allah is not the same as ours….for Him they are not petulant emotional states that human beings go through. His love is related to HIs rida’a (contentment) with our good actions and His hatred is His displeasure with and rejection of our bad actions.

Spring’s Gift by Hamza Yusuf



“I envy the sand that met his feet

I’m jealous of honey he tasted sweet

Of birds that hovered above his head

Of spiders who spun their sacred web

To save him from his enemies

I envy clouds formed from the seas

That gave him cover from the heat

Of a sun whose light could not compete

With his, whose face did shine so bright

That all was clear in blinding night

I envy sightless trees that gazed

Upon his form completely dazed

Not knowing if the sun had risen

But felt themselves in unison

With those who prayed, and fasted too

Simply because he told them to

With truth and kindness, charity

From God who gave such clarity

His mercy comes in one He sent

To mold our hearts more heaven bent

I envy all there at his side

Who watched the turning of the tide

As truth prevailed and falsehood fled

And hope restored life to the dead

Men and Women through him found grace

To seek together God’s noble face

I envy the cup that gave him drink

His thoughts that helped us all to think

To be one thought that passed his mind

Inspiring him to act so kind

For me this world is not one jot

If I could simply be a thought

From him to God throughout the ages

As revelation came in stages

I pity all who think it odd

To hear him say there is one God

Or he was sent by God to men

To hone their spirits’ acumen

It’s pride that blinds us from the sight

That helps good men to see his light

He taught us all to be God’s slaves

And he will be the one who saves

Humanity from sinful pride

Muhammad has God on his side

So on this day be blessed and sing

For he was born to grace our Spring

With lilies, flowers, life’s rebirth

In a dome of green like his on earth”

RIS Convention – Toronto, Canada


Best convention I’ve been to so far…much better than ISNA has been for the past few years in USA. Here is the link for those of you who would like to attend this year …InshAllah http://www.revivingtheislamicspirit.com/convention/index.php

I’m including some brief notes I took during the convention.


RIS CONVENTION 2010: Ten Commandments

January 24th, 2010 – January 26th, 2010 

  • Dr. Umar Abdallah
    • If you do make an image, let it be of inanimate things…things that don’t have a spirit such as trees, houses, cars etc.
    • Humans today are bonazide humans…one dimensional.
  • Yasir Fazagga
    • Peace is part absence of violence and absence of war is only possible through justice. Four components of achieving justice are:
      • Equal social status (subhumans)
      • Share wealth: 3 richest people in the world have more money than the wealth of 48 poorest countries of the world combined. They don’t hate us for our DEMOCRACY; they hate us for our HYPOCRISY.
      • Share knowledge: a man of knowledge cannot be a slave. Knowledge=Freedom
      • Serve community
  • Dr. Badawi
    • “Thou shall not devour other’s wealth unjustly” – “devour” instead of the biblical term “steal”
    • Quran has two functions: confirming what was revealed before and to preserve.
    • “I was not sent except to perfect moral character” – Haadith
    • Interconnected  faith, moral behavior and righteous action
    • Work is an act of worship and piety.
  • Amr Khalid
    • amrkhaled.com (website)***
    • Warm your heart towards your parents
      • Birds display surrender by lowering their wings on the floor
      • This does not nullify individuality
      • As long as your parents are happy with you, you got nothing to worry about.
      • For most Islamic acts (umrah, fasting) you will get the reward in the hereafter but for respect and obedience of parents you will get reward now.
    • Recall memories which create Emotional connections
      • Allah reminds us of these in the Quran
      • No other people wish you to be better people than themselves except your parents. They stop buying things for themselves so you can wear beautiful clothes.
    • Catch them before they leave you
      • Prophet PBUH warns of a person who has parents and does not enter Jennah because of them.
      • Once a mother dies, angels say you lost the thing we respected you for.
    • There are those whom God won’t speak to on the Day of Judgment – one of them is those who disrespect his/her parents. 
      • Disrespect (Arabic) is derived from a word which means ‘tearing apart’ another meaning is ‘bitter’…which is what your life will be as a
    • 8 Things To Do:
      • Talk to them
        • She had you so she could have a companion. Silence=Disrespect
        • Be concerned about what concerns her
        • As a child you wouldn’t sleep until she read you a story how do you think that she can sleep without having talked to you all day long?
      • Ask them for Advice
        • Even if you don’t take it or if they advise something that is not possible or in some way wrong, still ask as a sign of respect.
      • Be Patient with their advice
      • Serve
      • Laugh
      • Be concerned with your parents friends after your parents have passed away
      • Be successful in order to make them happy…honor them by doing well
      • Be their friend
  • Dr. Jackson
    • We can’t be in society as devotional beings ONLY
  • Zaid Shakir
    • Religion has to become the conscience of politics
    • Islam can give humanity back to individuals destroyed by today’s society
    • As a community we have to give priority to politics of unity rather than politics of conflict.
  • Tariq Ramadan
    • Be the subject of history and not the object of their judgment
    • Resist the bad and reform for the better
    • Liberation is a means to salvation
    • Some think that good muslims are invisible muslims
      • Some muslims are ready for this since they already dress and speak the part…they disappear
    • Put the meanings before the rules
      • Without meanings you are in jail but with it you liberate yourself
    • Have a thirst for knowledge
    • Share, don’t only impose
  • Hamza Yusuf
    • ‘All Devils Are Here’ (book)***
    • Do not allow the deluder to delude you
    • Humility comes from ‘humus=earth’
    • Prophet PBUH said spiritual life begins at 120 days.
    • Allah doesn’t task a soul for more than it can bear
    • Three types of Nafs
      • Pig Nafs – shahawaat (desires)
      • Dog Nafs – if you treat it as equal, it will take over
      • Sheikh Nafs – the good kind
  • Dr. Ebu Patel
    • I seek to cultivate progress
    • Faithdivide.com (blog)***
  • Zaid Shakir
    • We put too much importance in our immediate concerns and not enough in our ultimate concerns.
    • We live in an interconnected world more so than olden days
    • Our differences should be what brings us together
    • Everything is in state of transformation on its way to its termination
  • Tariq Ramadan
    • The objective of Islam is peace but you have to face conflict to achieve this objective. Conflict is a necessary means. Call for peace while knowing you will face conflict.
    • Don’t just discuss what is going on in the West, start focusing on other oppressed countries in the muslim world
    • Don’t obey people who deny God-STAND UP
      • Fight with intellectual Jihad, equip yourself with knowledge
    • The conflict between nations and humans is necessary because ultimate power can only belong to Allah
    • Resist Oppression!
    • First resist with peaceful means but if they start killing…fight back!
    • Is this the right understanding? (principles) Is this the right strategy? (Context)
    • Are you using your mind? Or merely quoting a verse from the Quran?
    • Justice is a means toward peace but don’t just worship justice
    • Question the questions that are put to you
    • 4 disciplines muslims need to strive towards
      • History
      • Understand other religions
      • Philosophy
      • Imagination (Arts)
    • Sometimes you are more powerful if you are ready to resist with no violence and leave the violent one with their violence.
    • While I don’t agree with their means, the Palestinians are legitimate in resisting
    • Muslims are dreaming the present and the future when they should be studying the past, facing the present and dreaming the future
    • Our silence is nurturing their violence
  • Chris Hedges and Hamza Yusuf
    • The desire of beauty is the desire to find beauty in God
    • God put fire in our hearts so we need to keep breathing otherwise we will get burned out
    • Its difficult for us to look within to see ourselves

Abdal Hakim Murad – Two Ravenous Wolves


Two Ravenous Wolves: Love of Status and Property 

  • Allah SWT says in the Quran ‘Whoever wants this lower life, We shall give him his fill of this lower life and in it he will not be disappointed; It is those whose affair in the Akhira is the Naar; empty is what they used to do and futile are their former acts’
  • This is designation of Quran for those who set fire to their aim and aspirations in this world …their place in the Akhira will be among the flames as well.
  • Allah is referring us to the principles of ego and self-exultation
    • We want the life of this world…why? because that gratifies our ego, lower aspirations we have in this world. If we puff up like Pharaoh and Hamaan then all doors will be closed and all we’ll be able to see is the Dunya…this is an inflexible rule
  • Imam Al Ghazali calls this love of status and property Ruqna-al-Dunya – these are two pillars of this life and they are what keeps the wheel turning.
  • Prophet PBUH points us in another direction and Quran holds up this alarming opposition…against Pharaoh there is Musa, against Abu Lahab is Prophet PBUH, against ego is the spirit and against love of Dunya is the love of Akhira
    • Prophet PBUH said ‘Even two ravenous wolves let loose in a flock of sheep would do no more harm, more quickly than the love of wealth and status do to the religion of a believer’
  • This is the state of humanity….greediness for status and wealth. Bruised egos and outraged prides are the basis of the crisis we are in.
    • rest are the consequences of this…banking crisis, environmental crisis, etc
    • Allah SWT has given us more than enough for everyone, these two things spoil everything.
  • Imam Al Ghazali explains two loves. These are two forms of inquisitiveness.
    • Love of wealth is possessing physical things…things that will be useful to us
    • Love of the status is ownership of hearts…something he can make use of as well
  • In our societies today, you are famous for being famous and you get richer from being rich. People give them money and attention because they are blinded by status and feel important just by being around such people
    • Why are all these young people holding a silent vigil for Steve Jobs by having the candle app on their iphones? because they knew him personally? no, he was famous for being famous
  • People can spend their entire lives being worried about what other people think of them, how to get status, how to get more money….religion helps us to wake up and avoid such behavior.
  • Islam does not say you cannot have wealth and status…it all depends on what is useful. Normally people find worrying about status and money to be an effective alternative to having to worry about death and the Akhira
    • You have the right to a certain status and honor according to the Shariah which is not necessarily the same as having a big ego. It depends on what your intention is.
    • There is nothing wrong with earning. You can love wealth to use only on good purposes. Similarly you can love status if you are going to use it for good purposes.
    • Dignity hardly has any place in the modern world. Most, if not all of your actions, are regulated by what other people might think or say about you
      • In Shariah, the only time a man can dye his gray hairs black is when he is going into battle because it gives him credibility on the battlefield.
      • The story of Abu Dujana, a warrior Sahabi, used to tie a red bandana around his head before going into battlefield and strut in front of the enemy as if saying who is going to take me on? Prophet PBUH would say ‘That is the way of walking that Allah and His Prophet hate, except in this situation’. He has the right to have his warrior status because it wasn’t in the interest of his ego; it was in the interest of the muslim army.
      • So you can have wealth and status if it is for the right intentions. Ask yourself ‘am I doing this for the right reasons?’ Not just at the beginning of the act but constantly

*Intention is central to everything in Islam….the right intention can turn a simple act into something truly great and spiritual’*

*Ours is a religion of Divine generosity that responds to our good intentions which will produce good works (InshAllah)*

  • A muslim has dignity in the public space and we are not to expose our thoughts to every passerby unnecessarily.
    • There is dignity in keeping your past sins hidden because once exposed people will take them less seriously to the point that committing them is ok.
  • Sometimes our dignity is affronted by people who are criticizing us.
    • Imam Al Ghazali gives us three reasons why someone might be criticizing us
      • Someone might be telling you something true about yourself that you need to put upright to help you such as a parent and true friend. Umar (RA) said ‘May Allah have mercy on someone who shows me my own faults’
      • Somebody might say something true about you in order to hurt you or annoy you
      • Someone might criticize you by inventing something – pure slander
  • The first impulse of an outraged ego is to start shouting and deny it
    • According to Imam Al Ghazali in religion we do something different and you gain from each of the three cases
      • 1st Case: If they are genuine without their own egos being involved you should welcome it and thank them
      • 2nd Case: You should still be thankful to Allah SWT because someone has told you something that you weren’t thinking about enough plus there is reward for being patient.
      • 3rd Case: First thing you should do is to say Alhamdolillah that he hasn’t seen one of my actual faults. We should think of rectifying the faults we do have. We should also make dua for the person who is doing this and say ‘Allahumma aslih hu’ (O Allah set him right)

*We ask Allah SWT to protect us from the wiles and the turbulences of the Nafs within and help us to rise up to the status of true dignity and proper attitude toward wealth which was shown to us by Prophet PBUH and the great ones amongst his Sahaba* Ameen